How To Stop Your Competitors Stealing Your Customers

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“How to Stop Your Competitors Stealing Your Customers”

- By Simon Hazeldine (MSc FInstSMM)
the “Bare Knuckle” Salesman

(c) Simon Hazeldine.

All Rights Reserved.

Extensive consumer research has indicated that the two
biggest factors that influence customer satisfaction are:

1) Availability
2) Accuracy

Therefore the two biggest factors that will lead to a lack
of customer satisfaction are a lack of availability or

One of the fastest ways to lose

your customers to your
competitors is for you or your products and services to not
be available when the customer wants them.

The second most effective way to lose customers is to not do
what you have promised. Nothing annoys a customer more than
a salesperson who doesn’t deliver on their promises.

If your availability is spot on and you always do what you
say you are going to do then your business will be virtually
bomb proof!

If you’ve ever tried to sell to a customer who is completely
satisfied with their current supplier then you will know
what I mean!

Don’t give your customers a single reason to talk to your

Simon Hazeldine is the author of the bestselling books
Bare Knuckle Selling (foreword by Joe Vitale) and
Bare Knuckle Negotiating (foreword by Duncan Banatyne)


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